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Selection of Presentations for Public and Online Events

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Members of HealthRex Lab have given a wide array of presentations online and in person on topics ranging from machine learning in medicine to healthcare reform. Dr. Jonathan Chen and associates have presented at highly regarded events, including but not limited to the AMIA Informatics Summit, the Pacific Symposium of Biocomputing, and the NIH/NIDA Clinical Trials Network. Dr. Chen was also featured as a guest speaker for TEDx University at Buffalo and the Youtube series “The Future of Everything.”
Please do not use the contents of these presentations without permission.

Selected Presentations

AI in Medicine - Real Magic or Technological Illusions (10/11/2023)

Delivering Compelling Talks: Why, What, and How? 4/20/23

Jonathan Chen:

Can algorithms make doctors better? (2020)

Can Computers Make Physicians Smarter? (2020)

Predicting Low Information Laboratory Diagnostic Tests (2018)

Discovering and Distributing the Latent Knowledge Embedded in Clinical Data (2017)

Understanding Healthcare Reform:

Pre-ACA to ACA to ...? (2017)

Usability of an Automated Recommender System for Clinical Order Entry (2016)

Decaying Relevance of Clinical Data when Predicting Future Decisions (2016)

Mining for Clinical Expertise in (Undocumented) Electronic Order Sets (2012-2013)

Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry: An Expert Computer System for Predicting Organic Chemistry Reactions (2009)

Organic Reaction Expert Systems (2008)

Synthesis Explorer: Organic Chemistry Tutorial System for Multi-step Synthesis Design and Reaction Mechanism Prediction (2008)

Stanford AIMI Symposium 2020

AI and Machine Learning with Jonathan Chen (2018)

The Physician Data Scientist, An Unexpected Journey (2017-2018)

Deep Cohort Studies: From Google Baseline to the Precision Medicine Initiative to VA's Million Veterans (2017)

Wisdom of the Crowd or Tyranny of the Mob? Will AI/MI Amplify Our Capabilities or Exacerbate our Problems? (2016-2017)

Data Mining Clinical Decision Support

Stanford Medicine X, September 2016

Automated Physician Order Recommendations and Outcome Predictions by Data-Mining Electronic Medical Records (2014)

Reaction simulation expert system for synthetic organic chemistry (2009)

Synthesis Explorer: Organic chemistry tutorial system for multistep synthesis and mechanism problems with personalized assessment and adaptive problem generation (2009)

Reaction Mechanism Prediction by Transformation Rules and General Principles (2008)

Reaction prediction, classification, and retro-synthesis using a rule-based reaction expert system (2008)

Organic Reaction Expert Systems (including Mechanism Explorer) (2008)

Organic Reaction Expert Systems Proposal (2007)

ChemDB: A Public Database of Small Molecules and Related Chemoinformatics Resources (2007)

Chemical Fingerprints and Retro-Synthetic Search (2006)

Combinatorial Reactions, Applications and Discovery (2006)

Synthesis Explorer: Dynamically Generated Reaction and Synthesis Problems for Organic Chemistry Education (2007)

Chemical Informatics: Database Searching, Similarity Measures and Property Prediction (2006)

Chemical Informatics, The Importance of 3D Structure (2005)

p53 Surface Analysis (2004)

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