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Physician Data Scientist
(Internal Medicine + Computer Science)

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Jonathan H. Chen (MD, PhD) leads the HealthRex research group that empowers individuals with the collective experience of the many, combining human and artificial intelligence approaches that will deliver better care than either can do alone. Dr. Chen continues to practice medicine for the concrete rewards of caring for real people and to inspire research focused on discovering and distributing the latent knowledge embedded in clinical data.

A member of several professional organizations, Dr. Chen’s research (featured in publications, presentations, and press) spans the areas of electronic health records, data-mining, recommender systems, collaborative filtering, observational research, medical decision making, machine learning, artificial intelligence, secondary analysis, and clinical decision support.


In the face of ever escalating complexity in medicine, informatics solutions are the only credible approach to systematically address challenges in healthcare. Tapping into real-world clinical data, such as electronic medical records, with machine learning and data analytics will reveal the community's latent knowledge in a reproducible form. By delivering this back to clinicians, patients, and healthcare systems as clinical decision support, he aims to uniquely close the loop on a continuously learning health system.

To gain perspective tackling societal problems in healthcare, he completed training in Internal Medicine and a Research Fellowship in Medical Informatics.

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Reaction Explorer, LLC

Dr. Chen’s recent endeavors include the co-founding of Reaction Explorer, LLC, a company based on a unique system for teaching complex problem-solving in organic chemistry, assisted by expert system technology. Through this company, Dr. Chen translates his Computer Science graduate work into an expert system for organic chemistry, with applications from drug discovery to an education tool for students around the world.

Reaction Explorer, LLC, Founding Member

Original inventor of the technology, which was first created in a graduate research project


Carried the concept through from original invention to formation of the company and translation of the technology into a profitable commercial application

In partnership with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., global leader in higher education publishing, the application is now being distributed to schools around the world so that they may benefit from its unique learning advantages.

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