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We empower individuals with the collective experience of the many,
combining human and artificial intelligence approaches to medicine
that will deliver better care than what either can do alone.
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About us

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Our Mission

When medicine had relatively few effective interventions for patient care, it was possible for an individual clinician to ‘know it all and do it all.’ Experiential learning, heuristics, and pattern recognition became the norm, but they collide with the current reality of an explosive growth in biomedical knowledge.


With thousands of medical and surgical procedures, diagnostic tests, pharmaceutical drugs, and recognized disease states, we routinely face a combinatorial explosion of possible medical decisions.

Why integrating informatics solutions is the only credible approach to systematically address challenges in healthcare:

It makes use of real-world clinical data streams:

          - Electronic medical records

          -Machine learning

          -Data analytics


Information is delivered to clinicians, patients, and healthcare systems.


The approach utilizes a continuously learning health system.

What We Do

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The Team behind
HealthRex Lab

We conduct research, implement groundbreaking projects, and create innovative tools to reach new heights in medical data analysis and diagnostics. 

Learn more about our team of postdoctoral professionals, fellows, and students making valuable contributions to biomedical informatics and related fields.

Follow Jonathan H. Chen on Twitter @jonc101x

Dr. Jonathan Chen

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The leader of HealthRex and founder of Reaction Explorer, LLC, Jonathan Chen (MD, PhD) oversees a variety of research projects while also serving as Assistant Professor for the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research in the Division of Hospital Medicine and carrying out clinical practice. You can view his CV here.

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